Laser Marking

We have changed the rules again!

Try the first modular laser that can be expanded continuously according to your needs

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iCon2 is a new advanced laser that is compact, fast and very easy to use. A major improvement with iCon2 is the ability to label both linear and 2D barcodes. Static marking of barcodes is standard and dynamic barcode marking is now possible. ICOn2 has high-performance optics with powerful hardware and software but at the same time is very compact. It makes it suitable for most production lines and at the same time suitable for a wide range of materials and industries.


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SPA CO2 Laser

- a modular laser that can be upgraded if your needs change. MACSA SPA laser is a new and innovative concept and at the same time has a number of improvements, such as a robust metal cabinet and a more efficient power supply. Since dirt and dust are undesirable in a laser marking system, the SPA is engineered with a highly improved filter system to keep the laser and electronics clean and cool. Thus service intervals and service life are significantly improved.


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SPA Fiber Laser

SPA Fiber laser is especially suitable for marking materials such as plastics and metal and other industrial materials.


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