HM LabNet - Customized Software

”Production control and data collection giving a full overview of production data”

HM supplies a wide variety of software and network solutions for optimisation and improvement of the production flow in any production.


HM Labnet is a production control program between the label design program and the printers in the production making it easy to get a full overview for supervisors and operators when retrieving label jobs for the printers on the production lines.

It is possible to control HM Labnet via touch panels which are able to retrieve label jobs for one or more printers on the same line and thus preventing mismatch between dates and batch numbers used for traceability. HM Labnet is the solution which can be connected to SQL databases where order data from from ERP systems such as SAP and Navision is retrieved.


With HM SCADA software it is possible to communicate with HM dispensers and retrieve, edit and save all label parameters. Also line capacities can be monitored and operation reports with data such as down time, efficiency and trend curves can be generated. Within label design HM is distributing the leading programs such as Codesoft, Nice Label and Bartender and has a unique consulting experience within this area.