A green revolution in environmentally friendly Print & Apply HM Linerfree® - printing and labelling without backing paper - No waste 100% use of all labelling material


CSR activities are an increasingly important business priority, as part of efforts to implement strategies that reduce environmental impact and waste. With HM Linerfree®, waste handling is eliminated completely.

It offers a unique solution for all companies that work with CSR and environmental and safety standards such as GSFI (Global Food Safety Initiative), and the UN's Global Compact and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) to promote sustainable development.

CSR activity resulting in improved green credentials

  • No waste - a green solution where 100% of the label material is used
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions and of user’s carbon footprint
  • Protects the environment - 40-50% fewer trees are harvested using
  • HM Linerfree® - compared to conventional label rolls
  • Lower weight of label material reduces environmental impact
  • Super flexible - one label format can solve all labelling needs
  • Doubling of operating time - 50% more paper on each label roll
  •  Compact and easy to integrate into new and existing lines
  • Ongoing savings on operations
  • 3-4 times quicker to change label rolls – resulting in minimum downtime




HM Linerfree®

The market's most efficient and environmentally friendly labelling solution.

Reduces CO2 emissions, increases productivity and flexibility.

With HM Linerfree®, thickened labels are eliminated and the label stock is reduced, as all labels can be printed in one format.

HM Linerfree Intermec



HM Linerfree® Intermec


HM Linerfree® is an environmentally friendly, patented labelling system that reduces CO 2 emissions and significantly improves productivity and flexibility.

HM Hi-Speed Linerfree



HM Hi-Speed Linerfree®

  • The new fermentation of HM Linerfree®
  • DispenserOp to 150 labels / min100% use of all label material - no waste
  • Compact design
  • Up to 30% reduction of labelling costs
  • Double operating time
  • Environmentally friendly solution
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