The World’s Leading Software for Label, Barcode, RFID & Card Printing

BarTender works great both “stand-alone” and integrated with other software. It is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application, including labels, print and apply, direct marking on parts and packaging, signs, and much more. Turn the page and learn why thousands of the world’s largest companies and hundreds of thousands of users in more than 150 countries depend on BarTender.

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PC-Based Licensing

The Professional and Basic editions are licensed based on the number of PCs on which BarTender is installed.

BarTender Basic

BarTender’s most important design features, but no database access and no automation. Most card printing functions, but only encodes magnetic stripes. Print Station is the only included companion application.

BarTender Professional

All the design features of Automation and most of the data access, but no automation from other software. Supports RFID. All card printing functions, but only encodes magnetic stripes. Includes the Print Station and Batch Maker companion applications.

Printer-Based Licensing

Both Automation editions allow unlimited network users. Licensing is based on the number of printers to be used by BarTender on the network.

BarTender Automation

BarTender’s most powerful label design features, plus our standard integration features for automated control by other software. Supports RFID. All card printing functions, but only encodes magnetic stripes. No enhanced server functions. Does not include Librarian or our most advanced Security Center features. Printer Maestro manages network printers visible to the local PC only and does not track printer supplies. Job logging, History Explorer, and Reprint support local database only.

BarTender Automation Enterprise

Our most powerful edition, with advanced server functions for centralized printing and administration. Our most advanced integration features. Supports RFID and all card printing and smart card encoding functions. Includes all 8 companion applications, including Librarian and our most advanced version of Security Center. Printer Maestro includes tracking of printer supply usage.