Service Agreements

HM's service agreements consist of several concepts that are designed to meet the service needs that suit your business

Preventive maintenance automatically increases the life and quality of your company's labelling and labelling equipment. In addition to regular hotline and service, you have the opportunity to sign a service agreement that ensures preventive maintenance.


A service agreement with HM Systems ensures that your company's labelling equipment is constantly maintained and in safe hands. Service agreements are tailored to match your company's needs. Then, a team of professional technicians automatically ensures that your labelling equipment works optimally

With HM Systems as a business partner, your company is guaranteed service and maintenance of labelling equipment at the highest level.

We know how much reliability means for our customers, and optimum maintenance of the labelling equipment minimizes the risk of downtime significantly.

”With a service agreement from HM, you have ensured savings of up to 30-40% when professionally maintaining your marking equipment from one competent service organisation. "

Ole Anton Urban
Service Manager
+45 2299 6178
Lone Beeck
Service Coordinator
+45 8144 0141