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HM constructs custom-designed solutions right from the start and develops and test prototypes which are manufactured precisely to the requirement of customer


HM is active within the following industries:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • General non-food industry
  • Logistics
  • Other special industries
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"HM is capable of designing and adapting complex solutions for specific customer needs."


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HM Systems posseses a comprehensive know-how and expertise within labelling, marking and product handling as well as optimizing a wide range of processes vital to the profitability of your company:

  • Efficient labelling and marking solutions
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Increased automation and improved product handling
  • Software solutions improving quality and data security
  • Elimination of wasted label material - 100% use of all material
  • Increased efficiency via fewer roll changes
  • Increase of line capacity
  • Data collection and optimization of line efficiency
  • Enviromentally friendly labelling solutions reducing CO2 emissions

With 50 years of experience within marking and labelling solutions we are able to tailor-make your solution and adapt it 100% to your situation thus optimizing your operation and profitability.

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