HM manufactures customized solutions for all industries, eg.


The food sector / Pharmaceutical industry / General non-food industry / Logistics / Other specialty industries


HM Systems has know-how and expertise in labelling solutions and product management as well as optimizing a large number of processes that all have great significance for your company's earnings:

  • Improving labelling and marking processes
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Increased automation and improved product handling
  • Increased efficiency via fewer roll changes
  • Increased line capacity
  • Data Collection and increased line efficiency
  • Environmentaly labelling solutions reducing the CO² emissions
  • Elimination of wasted labelling material  - 100% use of all material
  • Improved quality and data security via software solutions

With 50 years of experience in the development of special solutions, we can tailor your solution to fit your situation and your needs and thus enable you to optimize your process as much as possible.


"HM designs customized solutions from scratch and is capable of developing and test prototypes which are then manufactured exactly to the customer's needs".

Henrik Thomsen
Managing Director (CEO)
Direkte +45 2531 7506
Ole Kristensen
Regional Sales Manager
Zealand & Sweden - Sales & Service
Direkte +45 2514 1322
Jan Kondrup
Key Accounts & Export
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Tage Lund
Sales Manager
South Jutland & Funen
Direkte +45 2067 0252
Sten Krag-Hansen
Area Sales Manager
Central and North Jutland
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Nicolaj Kjerkegaard
Sales and Product Manager
HM Linerfree
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